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(This is the secret weapon that SEO Insiders use daily...and we just cranked it up several notches with this ALL-NEW version 3.1!)

"Find and contact link partners and affiliates, spy on your competition, find targeted link directories, analyze URLs for several metrics...and so on. Puts you ahead of 99.99% of your competition. That's PR Prowler in a nutshell."

ALL - NEW v3.1!

Watch as we put the new PR Prowler to work, in real-time...

VIDEO #1 - Goal : To do a quick down and dirty search for high quality sites related to mine:

VIDEO #2 - Goal : To find quality sites (with decent PR) related to mine that are ranked well and have a contact page. I can contact them for a JV of any kind:

VIDEO #3 - Goal : To analyze my main competitor, I want to find all of his backlinks that are higher than PR3:

VIDEO #4 - Goal : To search Google UK results to see British sites related to mine:

VIDEO #5 - Goal : To find only .gov and .edu pages related to my site (Google loves .gov and .edu links):

...and this is only a small sample of what PR Prowler can do.

Dear Fellow Web Site Owner,

Do you want to see your site at the top of Google? Do you want to have a list of potential affiliates for your product? Do you want to determine how competitive a new keyword market is? If you answered "yes" to any of these, then you have to read this page!

You may already know that you need quality links to your site to boost your rankings in the search engines. But how do you know what the search engines consider a quality link? look at the page's Page Rank...that little green bar on the Google toolbar. It tells you how a page ranks, on a scale of 1 to 10.

There is incredible value in getting links to your site from "high PR" sites (as we like to call them). Because when you find these high quality links, you only need a handful of them to link to you. You DON'T need hundreds or thousands of links pointing to you to boost your search engine ranking above your competitors. You just need a few "high PR" ones.

If you're new to the search engine optimization game, you need to understand first and foremost that there are 2 fundamental issues to address in getting your site to the top of the search engines.

#1 - On-page optimization This one is easy. You put keywords on your web site, you put keywords in your <alt> tags, in your description, meta-tags, etc. etc.

#2 - Off-page optimization This is the biggy! Listen, search engine optimization has been perfected to the point where most of your top competitors have perfectly optimized on-page factors, just like you. The tie-breaker is who has the best off-page optimization. Again, this is what Google refers to as Page Rank. And how do you boost your Page Rank? By finding quality link partners and getting links from them to your site.

But looking for link partners is kind of like flossing your teeth. It's such a pain in the butt, but you know you have to do it anyway!

The old way: you manually go through each and every page of Google results, for each and every keyword related to your site to find relevant pages and link partners. Then you narrow it down. You analyze each and every potential link partner by creating a spreadsheet and inputting each page's Page Rank and the number of backward links. Oh, and to get the Page Rank you have to put your mouse over the little green bar in your Google toolbar for each and every page that you see in your browser (do this a thousand times and see how much fun it is!) Don't forget that you have to manually count the number of outbound links on each page. You have to do this whole process several times, on a regular basis, because there is no way you can find enough potential link partners in one search. This is how most people find their link partners, and this is why most people say it takes months to build up a "link campaign".

The new way: Easy. You use the PR Prowler :)

"If you know me or have seen my sites you probably know that I do not endorse much SEO software. PR Prowler runs in the background while you are still able to do whatever you want - it's as if it is not even there… a steal at under $100. Nice going!"

Aaron Wall, Author, Search Engine Optimization Book

Stop blindly looking for link partners...the PR Prowler turns on the lights!

When looking for link partners I found myself aimlessly browsing page after page, site after site, spending hour after, and getting nowhere.

It's for this reason that paid a bundle to have this high-page-rank-link-finding-tool developed for me...I call it the PR Prowler...hear it roar! And boy was it worth every penny! I had it created for me as a personal tool to help get links for a personal web site, a country music lyrics site ( My PR was 0 after months of hard work, I was getting no traffic at all, and I was having a heck of a time finding good link partners. I was getting sick and tired of spending countless hours browsing the web for them, all the while my site was nowhere to be found in the search engines.

So, I started the PR Prowler up, walked away, and when I returned there were a slew of high PR sites I didn't even know existed. A couple of emails later and I now have several sites with PR 5, 6, & 7 linking back to me after a simple email asking for the link. (Like PR5...I would've never found this on my own.)

**UPDATE - My country music lyrics site is now on the first page in Google for "country music lyrics" and "country lyrics" thanks to the PR Prowler! I'm getting about 4000 visitors A DAY to my site now! What could you do with that much traffic


Here is proof of the traffic I'm getting as a result of getting the right links (thanks to the PR Prowler)!

This is a screenshot from the online stats screen for my country lyrics site. Look at the number of visitors for June 2008 - 115,670! For one month!

See that? Anywhere from 3000 to 5000 people EACH DAY to that site...that's 1.1 to 1.8 MILLION PEOPLE A YEAR!!! All from search engine traffic as a result of getting the right links using the PR Prowler!

"Shawn, the new version of PR Prowler is simply amazing. It is truly a world class program that works exactly as advertised. For less then $100 serious webmasters and/or SEOs can not afford not to own it. Also, the members of LinkAdage text link auctions that are looking to sell text links for other websites are missing the boat if they don’t have this little gem in their SEO toolbox."

John Lessnau - LinkAdage Auctions 

"Shawn, if your customers are considering software that will save them time (lots of time!), saves them money (time is money!), makes them money (from generating a long juicy list of website results to JV, reciprocate links, or article-exchange with), then they'd be STUPID not to seriously consider PR Prowler as part of their marketing arsenal.

The process of finding valuable website partners is very time-intensive, and using PR Prowler saves me at least 48 to 168 hours per project in finding highly-valuable (high Page Rank) websites to work with, 'prowling' in the background, while I'm multi-tasking on other tasks.

Plus your 100% $-back guarantee, cool version 3 upgrades and low price point is a no-brainer!”

Sherman Hu
Website and Blog Marketing Professional

"Thanks Shawn for a terrific product. Before finding PR Prowler I was searching backward links manually through Google looking for websites to exchange links with.  PR Prowler saves me countless hours and makes the once dreaded task of looking for high Page Rank link partners much easier. I've accomplished so much more with finding good link partners for my site, in a fraction of the time since using PR Prowler."

Michelle Timothy

Tell me again...what's the big deal about links from High PR sites?

Ok. Ask anyone that knows anything about search engine optimization. They'll tell you right away that you need quality links. Not necessarily tens of thousands of links like some people think. Just a handful of quality, high PR links is all it takes to skyrocket ahead of your competition in the search engines.

But the BIG problem is finding these links…until now!

Not only will you find pages with high Page Rank, but you will get a complete breakdown of that page's quality as a link partner. This awesome new version of the PR Prowler shows the number of outbound links for each result (links it points to) and backward links (links pointing to it).  It even has a "PR boost to you" estimate. And it will show you the age of the domain, which is very important these days...the older the site the better.

What Else Does PR Prowler Do?  

Automatically prowls for anything based on your settings. Set it and walk away if it's a large query, and let PR Prowler do all the work!
Spies on your competition - you give it your keywords, or heck, even your competition's URLs and it will quickly prowl to give you a great deal of information
Analyzes each potential link partner to quickly show their value to you as a link partner
Estimates the Page Rank "Boost-To-You", which estimates how much PR any link will give you
Hunts down anything for you - whether it's Joint Venture partners, customers, link partners, or anyone else. Get email addresses, whois information, or the contact page URL for any sites that match your custom query.
Allows you to search other Google engines like, or Select one of 18 different Google engines.
Shows you the age of any site - this is yet another feature that is exclusive to PR Prowler! Google loves aged sites, so PR Prowler now finds these for you!
Tells you what anchor text is being used to link to any URL - this is very important
Has a built-in email engine - click a couple of buttons and you can contact all of the people that you have just prowled! And you can customize each email too!
And more... there is so much PR Prowler can do, you really have to play with it to see for yourself. It's very powerful!

You need links to your site.
You need to know what your competition is up to.
You need to be able to investigate potential new markets.
You need to be able to contact people in your industry.

You are about to join the thousands that are already benefiting by letting PR Prowler do all the work!

PR Prowler customers receive a lifetime of free product upgrades and speedy support if the need arises. PR Prowler is also backed by a 100% no-questions-asked money back guarantee, so you truly have nothing to lose when you order right now. 

Click the order button below to get immediate access to PR Prowler for only $97 (US funds).

This was the price of version 1.0 back in March 2004, and we have kept this price in place ever since. Even though this version (Version 3.1) contains several upgrades and new features we are maintaining the original pricing...for now.

You will be redirected to a secure payment page, and after your order is accepted you will then be directed to the download area. You will have PR Prowler in your hands in 2 minutes.

Happy Hunting!


100% "Risk-Free" Guarantee

We have worked very hard to make PR Prowler an affordable, yet extremely powerful and easy-to-use tool. If you don't like anything about the program after you order, anything at all (even the color), simply email me or one of my staff members within the next 60 days and I'll issue you a 100% refund. No hard feelings. No questions. We back all of our products unconditionally.

That's 60 days to use the full version of PR Prowler to get tons of quality links to your site, or else ask (and receive) an immediate refund.

Happy hunting!

Shawn Pringle
TopNet Solutions, Inc.

Here are some more testimonials, and there are even more here.

"What can I say? PR Prowler is simply a must-have tool for any site owner. Seriously folks.

I've recommended PR Prowler to our consultation clients and in many of the articles that Beanstalk has published. I don't put our name behind many SEO tools but this one I'm happy to.

I can't recommend it enough!"

Dave Davies
Beanstalk Search Engine Positioning, Inc.

"I just wanted to let you know that your Page Rank tool is top-notch! This version is a 10 out of 10. I'm going to post an updated review on our website of your program and it will have the highest score of any of our reviews! This 'pr finder' is simply a must-have for those wanting to rank well in the search engines!"

Wesley Tomas

"What an easy way to find new high Page Rank link partners. Visit a competitors site, type their links page URL into PR Prowler and find the high PR link partners that have already shown a willingness to link to other sites by virtue of the fact they linked to your competitor. It really is that easy with PR Prowler. In a very short time I found a lot of PR 5 and higher web sites related to one of my own sites. PR Prowler saved me many hours of manually searching for these sites.

PR Prowler is a great software product that will certainly increase my own productivity. The fact that it can help with my keyword research as well as finding high PR link partners is just fabulous."

Andy Williams 

"Just a handful of quality, high Page Rank links is all it takes to skyrocket ahead of your competition in Google...PR Prowler is a very good investment."

Satya Hattangadi, NovaSoft Inc.

"If I had used this software from the start, not only would my site have a higher Page Rank but it would have been achieved more efficiently.

Overall, anyone who wants to increase the number of links to their site should use PR Prowler. It does all of the hard work - all you need to do is contact the sites it finds and ask for a link - you may not even need to exchange. If you know how to optimize a site, increased PR essentially equals money in the bank. That makes this software a must have." Rating = 5/5

Sean Burns - well-known SEO 

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